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Both men and women can be affected by hair loss. San Diego, California residents who are trying to get this problem under control can receive professional hair loss treatment from dermatologist Dr. Lerner.

Hair Loss Treatment Q & A

When Is Hair Loss a Problem?

Hair loss officially goes by the name alopecia. Losing some hairs is common on a daily basis, but it becomes a problem when there are more thinning or bald patches on the head. This more extensive kind of problem can lower self-esteem and potentially cause social and work problems for a person. Losing more than the normal amount of hair on an ongoing basis indicates alopecia, which is a problem a dermatologist can help with.

Why Does Hair Loss Happen?

Most people lose their hair because it runs through their family as the condition known as hereditary hair loss. Other cases can happen because of stress, giving birth, or certain diseases or treatments for them.

Are There Treatments for Hair Loss?

Many people feel like they have to live with losing their hair, but there are a variety of treatments that can help with this problem. A dermatologist works to figure out the cause of the hair loss and make a diagnosis. Once that is accomplished, he can come up with a proper treatment plan.

How Is Hair Loss Treated?

While there are other ways to treat hair loss, a dermatologist relies on certain avenues. He may suggest non-prescription minoxidil, a medication that goes on the scalp. It can prevent thinning and encourage new hair growth. Or he may prescribe prescription corticosteroids to deal with inflammation causing the balding, or finasteride, a pill that can cut down on the loss of hair and encourage new growth in men by counteracting a male hormone.

Other than medications, a doctor could perform procedures for the hair loss. These include laser devices that encourage hair growth through laser light or a hair transplantation that moves skin with hair to the thinning areas. The doctor could also perform scalp procedures, such as a scalp reduction, a scalp expansion, or moving scalp flaps, depending on the situation.

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