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A dermatologist can help people with rosacea find relief from the redness and bumps that characterize this skin condition. Dr. Lerner provides effective rosacea treatment to patients in the San Diego, California area.

Rosacea Treatment Q & A

What Is Rosacea?

People who have the skin condition rosacea have redness on the face that can include small red bumps filled with pus. Middle-aged females with light skin have this problem the most. A dermatologist is the type of doctor to see for rosacea treatment.

Does Rosacea Need Treatment?

Without treatment, this skin problem is prone to getting worse. People can experience a flare-up for up to a few months with a reprieve followed by another flare-up. Unfortunately, rosacea has no cure. Nonetheless, treatments exist that help patients manage the condition by reducing symptoms of it.

What Treatments Can a Dermatologists Offer for Rosacea?

Rosacea treatment generally includes a combined approach with prescription medications along with changes in lifestyle. The doctor could prescribe acne medications such as isotretinoin or antibiotics in oral or topical applications. The treatment can vary person to person, and it often requires ongoing treatment to keep the flare-ups under control.

If permanent changes to the skin, such as redness or larger blood vessels, occur, a dermatologist could perform surgery to correct the problem. Options include electrosurgery or laser surgery, which could both create a smoother appearance.

Lifestyle changes include figuring out triggers that create a rosacea flare-up and cutting down on the interaction with those triggers. Further, it could help to wear sunscreen, to use a gentle cleanser while staying away from irritating products, to minimize touching the skin, and to cover the face during winter months.

Are There Non-Prescription Treatment Options for Rosacea?

Many people use alternative therapies for this skin condition although research does not confirm their effectiveness to date. Current alternative remedies include essential oils, such as laurelwood or oregano oil. Other options include emu oil, vitamin K, and colloidal silver. A dermatologist can help determine if these treatments are worth trying instead of or in addition to other treatment options.

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