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Many people choose to get rid of their unsightly and sometimes bothersome skin tags. Dr. Lerner is on hand to provide skin tag removal for San Diego, California patients.

Skin Tags Q & A

What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags, officially known as acrochordons, are small protrusions on the skin that are made up of tissue. They have stalks and are the same color of the skin or darker. A dermatologist is the type of doctor who would perform skin tag removal when desired.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?

If the skin tags grow, they become painful, or their appearance changes considerably, there might be an underlying cause for concern. In most cases, skin tags are benign and do not need to be removed unless it is a personal preference to do so. Some people want to get rid of them because of the way they look and because they can snag on jewelry or clothing.

How Do Acrochordons Come About?

The origin of these skin growths is not fully understood. They are common, and often grow in the armpits, eyelids, neck, and other places with skin folds or where pieces of skin rub against each other. People with diabetes, obese people, or those who are genetically predisposed to these growths are more likely to get them. Some skin tags were also associated with the human papilloma virus in a study.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed at Home?

There are many home remedies and do-it-yourself techniques for getting rid of skin tags at home. However, these options pose the risk of infection and scarring of the skin. It is best to have this skin problem taken care of correctly by a dermatologist.

How Are Skin Tags Removed?

A dermatologist can choose between different methods of taking a skin tag off the skin. He may use scissors or a scalpel to cut the tag away, or he may freeze it through cryosurgery or burn it off through electrosurgery. The skin doctor can decide on the best treatment method for each situation.

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